1. Central Bridge on Flickr.

    Bridge in Central Park NYC, in HDR

  2. Christmas Bokeh on Flickr.

  3. Yellow Snow on Flickr.

    Never eat Yellow Snow

  4. Lunar Landing on Flickr.

    Looking up at the moon on a clear summer night in Toronto :)

  5. Trunk

    Elephant Trunk at the Toronto Zoo. I can almost feel the texture :)

    by Ishraq8

  6. Times are Changing

    Found this old man in a tree looking shocked at how the world has changed around him at High Park.

    by Ishraq8

  7. Almost Whimsical

    For some reason I really like this spot at High Park, it almost seems surreal. Photo in HDR

    by ishraq8

  8. Looking out on to the pond

    A ball of cherry blossoms looking out into the pond at High Park.

    by ishraq8

  9. The Chateau

    I have been debating whether to post this photo or not. I took it on a boat while it was shaking and set a slow shutter speed. It came out al right considering the conditions. And Chateau Frontenac is iconic to Quebec City.

    by ishraq8

  10. Sakura Wave

    A wavy branch in a sea of cherry blossoms in High Park, Toronto.

    by Ishraq8